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Residential Service

Curbside Pickup

Calahoo Waste Disposal proudly offers weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly garbage collection. Recycling is offered in certain area. Please contact our friendly staff for more information on recycling.



  • Local Family Owned & Operated

          Enjoy the convenience of our affordable and

          reliable service

  • Competitive Pricing

    (without surprises)

          We invoice the amount you are quoted- plus GST.

          NO HIDDEN FEES!

  • Various Waste Services

          From curbside service to recycling and 2 yard to 8 yard bins.

          We also provide 12 yard- 40 yard roll off bins.


Farm or Acreage Solutions

If the curbside roll outs do not satisfy your waste requirements, we also have a solution for that. Click link below to view our bin options. 


General Guide Lines for Residential Services

Please have all roll out containers and recycling curbside by 8:00 A.M. on your scheduled pickup day. (Pickup times can and will vary) 

Roll out Containers:

Please ensure that your container is at the end of your driveway by 8:00 am, on a level area with no more than 3 ft. from the street, with wheels away from street and lid opening to the street.  

  • There must be a minimum of 4 ft. clearance around the container
  • All garbage must be in the container. Any garbage outside the container WILL NOT be picked up without prior arrangements.
  • We recommend bagging all garbage to eliminate odour, garbage sticking to container and unsightly debris being blown around your neighbourhood.
  • If you have additional garbage occasionally, please contact the office at least 2 days before your scheduled pickup. We can usually make arrangements to accommodate.  (Extra fee may apply)
  • If you have extra garbage every pickup, a second container may be required. Please contact our representatives and they can arrange another container if needed. (Extra fee may apply)
  • DO NOT place oil, paint, metal, tires, appliances or anything else considered toxic or hazardous in bins
    or containers
  • DO NOT overload bags or cans - any garbage can or bag deemed heavy will
    be left



  • All recycling can be mixed together in a clear or blue bag.
  • Please leave the largest cardboard box intact and place all smaller broken down cardboard in that box.
  • Ensure that your recycling is placed at least 4 ft away from your roll out container.
  • Recycling Schedule


EXTRA CONTAINERS: Larger households may require more than 1 roll container to handle weekly waste. Additional containers are available upon request. Please contact our Customer Representatives for assistance.


VOLUME PICKUPS: If you're moving out or just cleaning up and have large quantities of excess waste, we can help. Please contact our Customer Representatives to make special arrangements and scheduling. (Pre payment is mandatory)